Workshop Afro Dance – Bess Kuil

Bess Kuil geeft tijdens de ZomerDansImpuls 2021 in de Academie voor Theater en Dans ArtEZ in Arnhem een workshop Afro Dance. 

Workshop Afro Dance

This Afro Dance workshop will contain different elements. One of these elements is developing rhythm and applying this into the dance. You will get various movement materials coming from different African dance styles. You will learn how to use the floor properly to be grounded and daring yourself to move freely during freestyle. An other focus point during the workshop will be the connection you can have with your own body, and how you can connect with the group and everything that we are surrounded by from this point of connection with yourself.
You will move a lot with just a short water break in between and all of this will be done on energetic, dynamic different African Dance songs from different African countries. The workshop is accessible to all levels of experience in Afro Dance.

Over Bess Kuil

Bess Kuil is a dancer, performer and dance teacher based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bess graduated at the Theater School in Amsterdam at the dancers department in 2016. She danced and performed in different dance and performance styles in Europe and abroad (Senegal – Ecole des Sables). As a dancer/ performer she works for “2 Turven Hoog”, an organization that facilitates performances for all ages (from age 0). Apart from this, she does project based performances. Also since 4 years Bess has her own dance school in Amsterdam. And the moment she is also coaching 4th years students from the Theater School in Amsterdam at the Dance Teachers department. Bess mixes different styles and traditions like African dance, Modern dance, Burlesque but also various partner dance styles, including Brazilian Zouk. Her classes are about body awareness, physical communication, freedom in movement and the joy of dancing.