Workshop Urban Contemporary – Dalton Jansen

Dalton Jansen geeft tijdens de Zomer Dansimpuls 2021 bij Academie voor Theater en Dans ArtEZ in Arnhem een workshop Urban Contemporary. 

Workshop Urban Contemporary

Dalton, exploring his style, which is a mix of urban and modern dance that focuses on rhythm, musicality, pulse and flow.
Dalton’s work is a combination of multiple disciplines; such as spoken word, hip hop, contemporary and break dance. With the help of the new makers’ subsidy from the Fonds Podiumkunsten and partner organizations Conny Janssen Danst, DOX and Productiehuis TR, Dalton now has the space to research his own dance vocabulary and to define what his movement language actually is. The research took place with two groups of dancers (Black Birds and Birds), among others, and the results will be shared in a documentary at the end of 2022.

Over Dalton Jansen

Dalton established his own dance company BLACK BIRDS in Rotterdam-West in 2021. He plans to set up special programs with this company to work with new talent and to provide space for talent classes for young people who have found themselves in difficult social positions.